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MindManager 2017 for Windows Sneak Peek – Part 4 –

Om misverstanden te voorkomen hebben we ook dit deel weer onvertaald gelaten. Hier is deel 4 van de Sneak Peak met de belangrijke extra mogelijkheden van MindManager voor Windows versie 2017.

Mindmanager 2017 Project Status Notification

Michael Deutchby
September 22, 2016

New Project Planning & Management Capabilities

In the first parts of this series leading up to the release of MindManager 2017, we’ve previewed our new Universal File Export which can be opened via any modern desktop browser, our new integrations to send content to 700+ cloud-based apps and receive updates from the same apps via Zapier.

Today, let’s explore some of the improvements to help you plan and manage projects more effectively.

Visualize your Project’s Critical Path

Critical Path modeling has been a popular method commonly used with all forms of projects including construction, aerospace and defense, software development, research projects, product development, engineering, and plant maintenance, among others.

A project’s critical path highlights the longest path of planned activities to the end of the project, and the earliest and latest that each activity can start and finish without making the project longer.
Within MindManager, there’s a new option that let’s you show the critical path within a project plan.

MindManager critical path menu

When you select the option to ‘Show Critical Path in Map & Gantt’, icons indicating the task is critical will appear on relevant topics and the path will be highlighted on the Gantt chart.

See the example below.

mindmanager Show Critical Path with Gant Chart

If any of the highlighted tasks slip past their due date, the project is at risk.

To help project managers focus even further on the critical tasks, we’ve added a filter to show or hide critical tasks. This feature will separate the signal from the noise, helping managers mitigate issues as they arise, ensuring projects are delivered on time!

Mindmanager Project Task Schedule

Mitigate Issues with Task Highlights

Project management is often a daunting task…keeping track of all the moving parts and pieces of an initiative, resolving issues as they arise, keeping team members informed, removing obstacles in their way…the list goes on and on.

With this in mind, we’ve expanded our task highlighting feature to make it easier for Project Managers to identify and mitigate issues to ensure the project stays on track.

Task Highlighting options allow you to change the topic fill colors for tasks that are Late, At-Risk and tasks that have been completed.

This will make it easier for managers to scan through a list of tasks to identify potential issues or problem areas in the project.


The new settings to turn on or off the highlights are found in the Task Calendar & Display Options.

We’ve added the new option to highlight completed tasks and the ability to toggle between highlighting only roll-up tasks or all tasks in the map.

Combine both of these new capabilities — the power of color coded task highlights with the new critical path visualization — to supercharge your project management skills!

Stay tuned for our next update where we explore some exciting new ways to visualize your work with MindManager.

Don’t Wait! Get the Best of MindManager Today and Tomorrow.

When you buy or upgrade MindManager before September 30, 2016 you’ll get the current version of MindManager now, and you’ll also get MindManager 2017 for Windows when it’s released in October, courtesy of our Technology Guarantee. No hassle. No regrets. Just the best of MindManager today and tomorrow. Shop now.

We’d love to hear from you.

How are you using MindManager to support your projects? Brainstorming project ideas? Gathering and prioritizing requirements? Creating project plans and work breakdown structures?

Webinar met 11 MindManager toepassingsgebieden – (English recording)

Revealing 11 Business Applications where MindManager Helps You [September 2016]

How do you use MindManager? If you use it for one or two business areas, think about how you can gain a competitive advantage if you apply it for more.

Meet our special guest Ary Velstra, Partner at Drielingh, for a presentation Tuesday 13th of September. Ary and Drielingh are longstanding MindManager partners, helping customers to get the most out of their MindManager investments.

Ary along with Aaron, our Customer Success Manager, reveal 11 business areas that can be covered by MindManager and where you can gain extra benefits in your daily work situations:

  1. Information & Knowledge Management
  2. Meeting Management
  3. Innovation
  4. Decision Making
  5. Financial Management
  6. Content Management
  7. Communication Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Operations Management
  10. Business Process Management
  11. Enterprise Application Integration

Discover or rediscover these business areas and make the most of MindManager in all your work scenarios.

Date September 2016
Duration 1 hour (including a session of questions & answers)
Speakers Ary Velstra, Partner at Drielingh, a longstanding MindManager partner helping customers to get the most out of their MindManager investments, and Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, MindManager at Mindjet

NOTE: If you have any questions after waching the recording, do not hesitate to contact us.

MAP for MindManager release 2.3 met alweer 4 nieuwe mogelijkheden –

Olympic Limited heeft weer een aantal handige nieuwe opties aan MAP toegevoegd.
Kijk hieronder waarover het gaat en ontdek de extra mogelijkheden om tijd te winnen als je toch al met MindManager aan de slag bent.

We are pleased to announce the release of MAP 2.3 now available to download from or

This latest release brings the number of capabilities MAP offers to almost 50 (48 in fact), including our latest stand-alone add-in Google Search Plus. You can read more about this new capability in the next article.

We also have Sort by Property and Filter by Property, two new functions for those of you who wish to get more from your Topic Properties which can now be filtered or sorted with just a few mouse clicks. Topics are matched by the Topic Property Value.

Finally, Link To PDF Page# enables you to create Hyperlinks directly to a specific page within a local or web-based PDF document. Great for mapping out documents or manuals.

Watch the video below to see these new functions in action and find more information on the dedicated MAP website:

MAP for MindManager 2.3 Overview
View the MAP 2.3 Overview Video

MindManager 2017 for Windows Sneak Peek – Part 3 –

Hier is deel 3 van de Sneak Peak met de belangrijke extra mogelijkheden van MindManager voor Windows versie 2017. Ook nu hebben we het weer onvertaald gelaten, om misverstanden te voorkomen
Mindmanager 2017 Preview Receive Zapier Integration

Michael Deutch by
September 15, 2016

Receiving MindManager Updates via Zapier

In my last post, I highlighted new MindManager export possibilities with Zapier.

Today, I’ll share some examples of how these same apps and more can send content to your MindManager 2017 maps.

Before we dive into examples, let me explain at a high level how it all works.

Receiving Zaps – An Overview

Zapier is a 3rd party platform that was built to connect web applications with other web apps. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But wait, MindManager is a desktop application. How, then, did you enable it to receive content from Zapier? A-ha! My friends, we got innovative and built a cloud app that is always on and always connected to Zapier. That way, any updates in any of the 700+ applications on the zapier platform, regardless of when content is sent, will always reach our application in the cloud and will send you the updates when you open the map with the topic that was specified to receive the information.

Before configuring your Zapier settings for receiving content within MindManager, you’ll have to tell Zapier which topics will be receiving data. You do that by selecting a topic and using the Zapier options in MindManager’s menu to select “Make Receiving Topic”.

Once this is complete, you’ll be able to send content from hundreds of apps to this branch via Zaps configured within Zapier.

Don’t worry if this is a little confusing, it’s easy to setup and we’ll be providing more documentation and additional resources to guide you through the process. Once you see how easy it is to setup and the initial familiarization, you’ll be able to do some amazing things…

Here are some examples!

Forward Emails to Your MindManager Maps

Zapier allows you to setup a unique email address within their system.

Why is this important? You can forward emails to your zapier email account and Zapier can be setup to forward the emails to maps of your choosing.

Forward Emails to Your MindManager Maps

Connect your Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts to MindManager to receive notifications for new emails.

Depending on the service you use, your topics can include the email’s subject line, snippet of the content, sender name and email address.

You’ll also have the ability to include the email’s URL too which can be added as a topic link, providing a one-click way to open up the conversation.

Emails can be filtered and forwarded based on their content…. For instance, if the subject contains “Project XYZ” send it to my “Project XYZ” dashboard map in MindManager.

Web & Social Monitoring

With our new Zapier integration, you can scour the web and build a dynamic MindManager dashboard that captures everything being said about you and your company.

  • Mention: People talk about your brand 24/7, and brand monitoring needs to be just as constant. It’s tough to stay on top of what’s being said about you and your company much less all of your competitors. Mention allows you to track all of it whether it’s on social media or other online destinations.
  • Tweets: You can track what others are saying about your company or create a list of your employees and see what they’re saying out in the Twittersphere.
  • Reddit: Someone talking about your company or products on Reddit? Capture it in your MindManager dashboard map.

Automatically Add New Docs to Your Project Dashboard

Working on a project and want to keep track of all of the deliverables in a project dashboard map? No problem.

You can use Zapier to create new topics with links to documents in your project and dashboard maps every time a team member adds a new file to DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

And the possibilities go on and on…

These are just a handful of examples of what’s now possible. You can explore the different integrations available to you on the Zapier web site.

Don’t Wait! Get the Best of MindManager Today and Tomorrow.

When you buy or upgrade MindManager before September 30, 2016 you’ll get the current version of MindManager now, and you’ll also get MindManager 2017 for Windows when it’s released in October, courtesy of our Technology Guarantee. No hassle. No regrets. Just the best of MindManager today and tomorrow. Shop now.

I’d love to hear which integrations you’d like to explore and why. Please let us know in the comments.

MindManager 2017 for Windows Sneak Peek – Part 2 –

Hier is het 2e deel met de belangrijke extra mogelijkheden van MindManager voor Windows versie 2017. We hebben het weer onvertaald gelaten, om misverstanden te voorkomen
Michael Deutchby
September 9, 2016

Mindmanager 2017 preview Zapier integration

Get Mappi­er with Zapier

Huge, exciting news for all MindManager uses. Our Zapier integration has arrived!

For those of you who don’t already know, Zapier is a smart, easily configured process and task automation platform that lets you connect all your favorite apps. It’s simple to set up, fun to use, and with this integration, you can send information from your MindManager maps to hundreds of applications as well as receive content from those applications directly in your MindManager maps.

Did you get that? MindManager is now the most integrated mind mapping solution in the world. And you can take advantage of all of these integrations to streamline your project processes from planning through execution, share your content with others, create interactive dashboards and more. This is all accomplished with Zapier’s easy to use web app where you can use one of our predefined integrations or configure your own. We couldn’t be more excited about launching this new feature.

Once you create a Zapier account and the new MindManager account, you can start creating “Zaps”. Zaps are like blueprints for connecting applications together.

For instance, if you’ve wanted to plan a project with MindManager and send MindManager tasks to Asana, Basecamp or dozens of other task and project management apps, now you can!

Or, receive updates and links in your MindManager project dashboard map when a team member adds a file into Google Docs. Zapier will let you do that.

Zapier has integrated with over 700 different apps to help people automate their processes and simplify their workload. After the MindManager 2017 launch, you can use it to connect MindManager to all of these different platforms!

In this post, I’ll share a few ways to use Zapier to send content from MindManager to other applications. In the next post, we’ll explore how Zapier can send updates to your MindManager maps.

Sending MindManager Content to Zapier (and any App within the Zapier platform)

One of the top uses of MindManager is to develop plans for your initiatives and projects.

Plan Your Next Project

With this new integration, you can select any of your MindManager tasks and send them to Zapier. Based on the Zaps you setup, the MindManager tasks can be routed to any of the following Apps to create tasks, trigger notifications, etc…

MindManager, through Zapier, can create Tasks in the following apps:

Empower Your Client Relationships

Zapier also integrates with several different CRM applications like, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, and others.

You can take notes from your client meetings and phone conversations and send those notes directly into their customer records.

For instance, with, you can send content from MindManager to:

  • Create new cases
  • Create new tasks
  • Create new notes
  • Create new leads
  • Create new opportunities
  • And more…

Export and Save a Map as a Document Online

Users can also export entire maps to applications like Google Docs, creating a new Doc.

Or, use WebMerge to generate PDF and Word DOCX documents merged with data from online web services. Contracts, invoices, applications, tickets, and more – all created dynamically, saving you time and money.

Or, export your meeting minutes or notes into text files in DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and more.

And the possibilities go on and on…

You can explore the different integrations available to you on the Zapier web site.

In our next update in this series, we’ll explore the different possibilities created by sending updates from Zapier to your MindManager maps.


Aarzel niet om contact op te nemen als je nog meer wilt weten.

MindManager 2017 for Windows Sneak Peek – Part 1 –

Hier is alvast een eerste indruk van de belangrijke extra mogelijkheden van MindManager voor Windows versie 2017. We hebben het onvertaald gelaten, maar dat zullen jullie dit keer vast begrijpen.

Michael Deutchby
September 1, 2016

MindManager 2017 HTML5 Export

In the next few weeks leading up to the launch of MindManager 2017 for Windows, we’re going to share a bit more with you about what’s coming.

For the first part of this series, let’s explore our new Universal File Export. MindManager is great for capturing your ideas, building out plans, and organizing your thinking. But those great ideas, plans, and thoughts are meant to be shared.

Which is why we’re excited to offer a brand new way to export your work and everything else you’re mapping or creating within MindManager.

The Universal File Export is called the HTML5 Interactive Map within MindManager’s export options.

It’s universal because the file can be opened by any modern browser that supports HTML5.

The export currently supports our mind map layouts as well as tree layouts, org charts, workflows, and concept maps.





Also, it offers close to 100% parity with MindManager maps with just a few exceptions.

It offers greater visual parity between the export and the original map than the now retired Mindjet Viewer (PDF) and the Mindjet Viewer (Flash) exports. For instance, the new export includes the up tree layout, the workflow and concept map layouts, file attachments, topic numbering, topic properties, topic formulas, comments, custom topic shapes, and more…

We’ve also implemented keyboard shortcuts and navigation and viewing commands to fit the map to the screen, zoom in or out, focus and center the map. The interface is clean and streamlined to provide an optimal viewing experience, eliminating visual distractions and allowing viewers to focus on what matters most, the content that you’ve created.

See for yourself. Take a look at an example and test it out on your browser:

MindManager 2017 Interactive Map

(click to open the interactive export in your browser)

Here are a few ways to start using the new export…

  • Share with others your team, department or company Org chart
  • Export your meeting minutes and share with everyone who attended and those who could not attend the meeting
  • Publish project status reports to share with all project stakeholders
  • Align your team with your vision and mission statements along with your strategic goals

Let us what you think and how you’ll use this new way to share interactive maps.


Aarzel niet om contact op te nemen als je nog meer wilt weten.

Gratis Mindjet webinar – 11 bedrijfstoepassingen waar je met MindManager veel voordeel kunt halen –

Dinsdag 13 september 2016 om 15:00 was ik co-host samen met Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, MindManager at Mindjet. (Het webinar is in het engels)


Note: Als je op de link klikt kom je in de RECORDING zodat je het later nog eens rustig kunt zien en horen.

Hoe gebruik jij MindManager? Als je net als veel van je collega’s het maar voor een of twee bedrijfstoepassingen benut, denk dan eens hoeveel voordeel je kunt halen als je MindManager vaker gebruikt.

Samen met Aaron, Mindjet’s Customer Success Manager, tonen we je 11 business areas waar je MindManager kunt benutten en waar je dus nogal wat voordeel in je dagelijks werk kunt winnen

  1. Information & Knowledge Management
  2. Meeting Management
  3. Innovation
  4. Decision Making
  5. Financial Management
  6. Content Management
  7. Communication Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Operations Management
  10. Business Process Management
  11. Enterprise Application Integration

Registreer vandaag nog om deze toepassingsgebieden beter te leren kennen en om ze in al je werk scenario’s te benutten.

DATUM Dinsdag 13 September 2016, om 3 uur ‘s middags.
DUURT: Ongeveer 1 uur(inclusief vraag en antwoord sessie)
SPREKERS Ary Velstra, Partner bij Drielingh, jarenlang MindManager partner die klanten helpt het beste resultaat met MindManager te realiseren en Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, MindManager bij Mindjet

Nieuwe Add-in: Google Search Plus voor MindManager –

Omdat het Google Search Mappart binnen MindManager niet meer werkt is een nieuwe Add-in gemaakt door Olympic-Limited.

m1px7wtoGooge_Search_Plus_250Product Description

Google Search Plus for MindManager give you the capability to search Google for your desired search terms and have the results returned to your working MindManager Map for further manipulation.

Google Search PlusEarlier this year, (2016), the existing functionality to search Google from within MindManager became effectively deprecated due to changes in the Google Search Engine API, Google Search Plus enables you to continue using your favorite Mapping application with Google as well as adding several enhancements to the original capability.

With Google Search Plus installed you can:

  • Select the number of search results to return (1-10)
  • Restrict search periods to filter out older results
  • Add search “snippets” and hyperlinks to the original page to Topic Text Notes
  • Choose to have search results returned as a Topic for each result or a collection of Hyperlinks on one Map Topic
  • Add a Map Marker containing the date the search results were returned to help find historic results from a  given day
  • See your Google Search API Quota balance before each search

Google Search Plus

Google Search Plus requires a Google Search API key and a Google Custom Search Engine Id. both of which we show you how to setup completely free of charge. Watch our three videos that show how to set up the required credentials and run your first search.

Google API Key

Google Custom Search Engine

Google Search Plus Overview

Your API key is restricted to 100 searched per/day and Google Search Plus show you the used quota each time you search so you know when you are approaching that all important limit.


Google Search Plus or MindManager is compatible with the following versions for Mindjet MindManager:

  • MindManager 2012
  • Mindjet 11
  • MindManager 14
  • MindManager 15 (32 & 64 bit)
  • MindManager 16 (32 & 64 bit)

An updated and improved Google Search for Mindjet® MindManager®

This add-in provides the capability to search Google and return search results into your current Map. There are several user defined options that can tailor your search and help you retrieve the results you are looking for.

Licenses are available from single user up to 50 user and beyond. If you have a requirement for more than 50 users then please email to get a bespoke quotation for your individual requirements.

Downloads can be found on our download page here: Downloads

Prijs: vanaf € 15,00 excl btw voor een enkele gebruiker.

Meer informatie? Neem contact met ons op.

4 verhalen met meer informatie over de MindManager overname door Corel –

The new VP Global Sales, Jussi Arovaara, would like to welcome you. Please find his message here below.


I am delighted to let you know that this week Corel has acquired the Mindjet® MindManager® business from Spigit, expanding its product portfolio to now include the world’s leading mind mapping and information visualization software, MindManager® for Windows, MindManager® for Mac, and MindManager® Enterprise.

We are very excited to have the MindManager team join Corel’s business. MindManager gives clients a simple, graphical way to organize and visualize ideas. With the strength of our brands including CorelDRAW and Corel Painter, Corel is a long-time leader in technologies that drive visual communication. We believe these highly complementary strengths offer a wealth of opportunity for future innovation.

MindManager joins Corel’s extensive software portfolio offering some of the world’s most well-known software brands including Corel®, Pinnacle, ReviverSoft®, Roxio® and WinZip®. We’ve built a reputation for giving customers more choice, and delivering solutions that are easy to learn and use. Our mission is simple: help people achieve new levels of creativity and productivity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Jussi Arovaara
VP Global Sales

Corel acquires MindManagerEen interessant interview met Patrick Nichols, de CEO van Corel door Chuck Frey


Een heldere reactie en eerste analyse van Nigel Goult van Olympic Limited UK, een van de MIVAP Mindjet partners

Corel Mindjet MindManager Acquisition

Onze eigen mening:

  • In de eerste 5-8 maanden zal er niet zoveel veranderen.
  • MindManager 2017 komt gewoon ergens in september van dit jaar uit, met alle extra’s die we al in preview hebben aangekondigd.
  • Als je een oudere -retired- versie hebt, upgrade dan nu.
  • De producten en service wordt door dezelfde mensen geleverd en uiteraard kunnen de klanten en gebruikers ook altijd bij ons terecht voor support en trainingen.
  • Na een tijdje zullen we gebundelde aanbiedingen zien met Corel’s producten die aanvullende mogelijkheden bieden aan MindManager gebruikers.
  • En daarna, als  volledig in kaart gebracht is waar MindManager functies overlappen met die van Corel producten, zullen we op die vlakken snel verbeterde mogelijkheden zien in al die producten.

Kortom… we gaan een zonnige toekomst tegemoet.



Upgrade Voordeel voor “Retired” #Mindmanager licenties –

Goed nieuws voor bezitters van –oudere-retired- MindManager licenties….

MindManager versies ouder dan Versie 14 voor Windows of ouder dan Versie 8 voor Mac zijn door Mindjet -retired-. Dat betekent dat er geen support meer wordt gegeven en dat je ze niet meer kunt upgraden naar de nieuwste versies.

Echter…..Totdat MindManager versie 2017 in september 2016 beschikbaar komt kun je bij ons je verouderde MindManager licenties tòch nog upgraden met korting.

aligned_180x150-ENSingle Licenses

  • In plaats van een volledig nieuwe licentie voor € 349,00  kun je nu tóch upgraden voor € 249,00;
    • Dat is een voordeel van € 100,00 t.o.v. een nieuwe licentie.
  • Prijs voor upgrades van versie 14 of 15: € 179,00;

Mis dit voordeel niet…je hebt nog maar eventjes. Bestel nu je upgrade.

Multiple licenses

  • spottet_338-280-V1-ENAls je meer –oudere– licenties hebt en je groeit naar 10 of meer, dan krijg je een MindManager Enterprise licentie
  • Prijs voor de upgrades naar MMEnterprise van oudere versies € 219,00;
    • Dat is een voordeel van € 108,00 t.o.v. een nieuwe licentie
  • Prijs voor upgrades naar MMEnterprise van versie 14 of 15: € 199,00;
  • Prijs voor upgrades naar MMEnterprise van versie 2016: € 49,00;
  • Prijs voor nieuwe MMEnterprise licenties € 327,00;
  • (steeds plus MSA ad € 66,31 per licentie per jaar)

Mis dit voordeel niet…je hebt nog maar een paar weken. Bestel nu je upgrades

NOTE: Omdat het om een tijdelijke actie gaat zie je in in onze webshop gewoon de normale upgrade prijzen. Geef de oude licentie sleutel(s) op in het commentaar veld. Dan factureren wij direct de juiste prijs. De factuur komt per email in PDF. Je krijgt binnen enkele dagen na betaling de licentiesleutels en zodra MindManager versie 2017 beschikbaar is, krijg je die uiteraard ook. Zo kun je direct al van de voordelen van MindManager 2016 gebruik maken en die worden in versie 2017 alleen maar beter.