Wil je MindManager vergelijken met andere producten?

How to use TrustRadius to see how MindManager stacks up against the competition

March 28, 2019

Guest Blogger: Emily Sue Tomac, Research Manager, TrustRadius

Emily Sue Tomac, compiled this guide to help you explore what customers think about MindManager, and how it stacks up to other options. Enjoy!

Product reviews are the #2 most-used source of information for professionals trying to find the right tools for their company. That’s because they provide real feedback and practical perspectives from actual users, without any marketing fluff.

To find and read this type of honest product reviews, many users rely on TrustRadius, one of the most trusted review sites for business software. They cover thousands of products, with hundreds of thousands of detailed reviews written by real software users. (Each review is over 400 words on average!)

People come to TrustRadius during all parts of their buying process–from discovery, to evaluation and selection. But far and away, the main reason they use TrustRadius is to compare products. 82% of buyers on our site said they were using TrustRadius to compare products.

MindManager, the information mapping, planning, and project management software from Corel Corporation, is one of the products listed on TrustRadius. If you’re evaluating MindManager, check out the information on TrustRadius to get an insider view of the product and how it stacks up against the competition.

In this post we will:

  • Shine a spotlight MindManager’s presence on TrustRadius
  • Show you how to use reviews of MindManager in your research
  • Give tips for comparing MindManager to alternatives
  • Point the way for you to share your own feedback about MindManager

MindManager is highly rated and customer-verified

Customers have written over 23,000 words about their experiences with MindManager on TrustRadius. There are currently 75 ratings plus 68 in-depth reviews of MindManager posted. A total of 143 verified users have weighed in so far.

MindManager TrustRadius Rating

With a trScore of 9 out of 10, customer feedback shows very high overall satisfaction with MindManager. MindManager also earned a customer-verified badge, meaning it has 10 or more recent reviews. (The customer verified badge is the little green doily-edged circle with a checkmark on MindManager’s product profile, pictured above.)

MindManager is used at organizations of all sizes. Their reviews reflect this range. About 23% of reviewers on TrustRadius use MindManager at a small business with 1-50 employees. Another 23% use MindManager at a mid-size company with 51-1,000 employees. The largest share (54%) use MindManager at an enterprise with more than 1,000 employees.

The top 5 most common reviewer industries are:

  • Higher Education
  • Information Technology Services
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Computer Software

Many other customer industries are represented as well. Users from Aviation & Aerospace to Nonprofit Organization Management have shared their feedback about MindManager on TrustRadius.

All reviews provide helpful guidance. But there’s nothing like reading a review that just seems to speak your language and “get it.” You can use the advanced filters on TrustRadius to hone in on feedback from other people like you.

Whether you filter by industry, company size, job type, or department, you can find a perspective you trust from a MindManager customer with whom you see eye to eye. You can also search for mentions of the features or topics that matter most to you. Here’s a preview of all the MindManager review filters at your disposal:

TrustRadius - MindManager Review Filters

Now you’re ready to dig in and learn all about the ups and downs of MindManager! For a sneak preview of what you’ll find, here’s what one customer had to say about using MindManager in his recent review:

“We use MindManager for large scale projects to create a ‘40,000 foot’ view to easily see what’s going on. From there we can navigate to a subproject to discuss or get a visual of what needs to happen. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, this is what we use to create our picture. Bringing a large detailed gantt chart just gets blank stares and little understanding. Bringing a visual presentation from MindManger to a meeting allows everyone to easily see what’s going on or verify that everything is accounted for.

We also use it on a smaller scale to help with brainstorming during meetings. It’s so much easier and faster to use it than trying to write on a board. Adding priority and categorizing on the fly with a nice looking clean interface is great.”

Jason E. | Network Engineer/Administrator/Analyst | Chemicals company

In addition to use cases, pros and cons, and ROI, you will also be able to see feedback on information visualization benefits, number of users, and common applications for MindManager at reviewers’ organizations.

3 easy ways to compare MindManager to alternatives

Now that you’ve got a feel for what users think about MindManager, you probably want to explore other options and see how MindManager stacks up against competitors. TrustRadius offers tools to help–whether you’re building your list of tools to consider using, or just confirming your choice.

Here’s our step-by-step guide for comparing MindManager to other products on TrustRadius:

1. Explore the TrustMap

Maybe you know you’re interested in this type of solution, but you’re unfamiliar with the market. If your goal is to understand the lay of the land before you commit to working with a particular vendor, the TrustMaps are for you.

TrustMaps are 2×2 grids that plot research frequency (pageviews) vs. trScore (overall satisfaction) for products in a category. They will give you a sense of how well-established different products are, and how happy their customers are. TrustMaps are also dynamically updated. You’re getting the most up-to-date and transparent information, uninfluenced by analysts or vendors or anyone else with an agenda.

To compare MindManager to alternatives using this method, visit the Project Management TrustMap.

If you hover over a product logo, you will be able to see the percent of traffic it gets relative to other products in the category.

TrustRadius - MindManager TrustMap Placement

You can also filter TrustMaps by company size. This helps you compare products in context of your use case.

TrustRadius - TrustMap Company Size Filter

2. Check the MindManager alternatives page

Just want a quick list of other products to consider? We put together this Competitors & Alternatives page, which will point you in the right direction.

Here’s a snapshot of the top MindManager Competitors & Alternatives:

TrustRadius - MindManager Competitors and Alternatives

You can skim star ratings and review counts, or click through to read reviews of any of the products on this list.

It’s sort of like Amazon’s product recommendations feature. We use site activity to pull together products that other people who were interested in MindManager also looked at. It also shows products that compete with MindManager in a certain segment, such as small business or enterprise.

3. Run a head-to-head comparison

If you want a deeper view of MindManager versus another product, use our comparison tool. It lets you compare products side-by-side.

You’ll be able to see reviewers’ qualitative comments for both products. Topics like use case, ROI, and likelihood to recommend can help you determine which product is a better fit for you, based on the problems you want to solve and the results you’re hoping to get. You’ll also be able to compare quantitative metrics like feature ratings and attribute ratings (support, usability, etc.).

You can compare up to three products at a time. To add a product, use the “Add comparison” menu on the right hand side. To remove a product, click the light gray X at the top right of the card with the product’s name and star rating.

TrustRadius - Head to Head Comparison - MindManager vs Kanban Tool

If you need suggestions for where to start, we’ve got you covered! These are the five most frequent comparisons run by other people on TrustRadius:

For more detailed tips on how to compare software products, read our full guide here.

Share your own feedback on TrustRadius

If you’re a current user of MindManager, how well do these reviews match up with your experience? We bet you agree on some points, but have your own opinion on others, based on your unique preferences as an end-user and your organization’s use case for MindManager.

Tell us all about it by writing a review on TrustRadius. Click this link to get started. Your contribution will help other people like you learn more about the ups and downs of MindManager. Your struggles and suggestions can also help make the product better!

Do you like what you’re seeing about MindManager on TrustRadius? Then you may be interested in a free, 30-day trial! Click here to get started.

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